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If you can write, you can find writing jobs online. And here are tips on how to find one. And, better yet, to create your own.

Step one is to write. Your resume should not say what you can do, but tell the reader what you have done.

Employer's want writers who draw traffic So you should tell them how many comments you have gotten on your articles, how many links, how many twitter posts, etc. Put the numbers in front of them.

To get numbers, you have to start by writing for free. Find some web sites and blogs and offer to write an article per week. Build a "book of customers" that actually become the basis of your resume.

Write articles and submit them to the article directories. Focus and become a designated expert. On what? Roses? Small dogs? Honey? You name it.

write about roses for a job online

And of course, set up your own blog. Monetize the blog with adsense, amazon and other advertisements to make some money while you are at it.

Of course the more traffic and the more comments you get, the more attractive you are to an employer. But your blog doesn't have to get a lot of traffic. It just has to be a place that an employer can look to see your work.

Setting up a blog is inexpensive and easy. See How To Set Up A Blog. And if you wish, we will set one up for you for $5. See Mini Business Website

And you can take a little different tack. Set up a blog that tracks everything in your community. Events, births, deaths, sports, free local classifieds, weather and anything else that might interest people. Become a community center of influence. You can make money on advertising, google adsense, amazon affiliate sales and more.

The final advice, is just do something to get employers to see that you are real, interested and that you can do the job.

And here is a starter. Submit articles to the MasterPage. Then move on from there.

And do start your own blog. How To Set Up A Blog


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