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The product selection process for anyone selling on the Web is a critical step in the business planning process.

It is very easy to find products to sell. But it is not so easy to find products that will sell against the competition and that will sell at a price that will make it to your benefit to take the time to run a business on the Web.

There is a lot more to the preparatory and market research stages that you should do even before you start your business plan.

This video discusses the Worldwide Brands small business and product selection portal that gives you a lot of good background information on running a business as well as a lot of information about finding good products.

Included in this video you find information about how to use the product search tool that was developed by Worldwide Brands in that you can use to check one is available in the category of products that interest you.

This is a good video collage particularly when you are in the market research stage. Additionally, if you have a business that is not performing well now, reviewing the information here will help you get back on track.

Below the video are links to the resources mentioned in the video so that you can go directly to the mentioned sites.



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