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Using WordPress Themes

When you set up a WordPress blog two themes, or page designs are included. Many hundreds of other free themes are available to be downloaded to your computer for your use.

Once you download a new theme, you will be required to upload that theme to the directory where you have your WordPress blog files.

The video in this page shows you how to go through that process.

It also shows you how to make some basic modifications to a theme to make your blog more to your liking.

This video assumes that you have already watched the video that we have posted on how to set up a blog. If you have not watched that video, it is recommended that you go to the link below and watch the video on how to set up a blog.

Once you have set up your blog, come back here and learn how to change the appearance of that blog by working with WordPress themes.

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Resources Mentioned In This Video

How To Set Up WordPress

This is the basic video tutorial that gets you started with WordPress. If you are unfamiliar with setting up a WordPress blog, watch this video first.

WordPress Theme Library

Here is the link to the WordPress theme Library that we use in this video.

Niche Adsense Themes

Go here to get the niche Adsense themes and you get complete information about what they offer you. By using these themes you can dramatically improve your conversion rate.

How To FTP

This video shows you how to use an FTP program and at this link you can download a free FTP program as well as a trial copy of a professional FTP program.