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WordPress Plugin Management With The One Click Plugin Updater

Make a folder in the downloads folder on your computer. Name it WordPress plugins.

Always download all plugins to this folder. This is a big time saver when you use the one click installation method of installing them. That is explained below.

We recommend that you download the following plugins immediately.

These can all be found in the WordPress plugin directory. It will do you well to look at what is available.

And for your convenience here are direct links to the plugin pages.

One Click Plugin Updater

Article Templates

Broken Link Checker

TinyMCE Advanced

After The Deadline


The first plugin that you should install is the One Click Updater. Do that first because once you do that you will be able to load all the other plugins and themes without going through the hassle of ftp.

Once the One Click Update is installed, you will note in the plugins category in the left navigation tower in your WordPress Admin area there is a link called add plugin. Use the YYYY and load the plugins directly from your computer.

With the plugins all in one directory on your computer, you do not have to waste time finding url's to the various plugins. This is particularly important if you are going to set up a series of min-businesses, or a web ring, using blogs. You have everything in one place and the installation job is made easy.


Here is a video that shows the use of the One Click Plugin Updater.