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How To Make Money With The
eBay Affiliate Program And WordPress

How to make money with the eBay affiliate program by monetizing a wordpress blog.

This page is a tutorial that shows you, step-by-step, how to duplicate the business model that people use to make over $100,00 per month off eBay - without paying eBay fees.

For your convenience, you can print and save this tutorial to your computer. The tutorial is in PDF format so you will need the free Adobe reader to open it. You can get the free Adobe reader here. Once you open the tutorial you can print it and you can also save it to your computer for later use. To read and print the tutorial go here. Print Version

The information in this page is intended for people:

black dot who are currently running eBay businesses,

black dot anyone who would like to make serious money on ebay spending only limited time and not taking any financial risk,

black dot anyone underemployed or unemployed who has no money to risk and needs an immediate way to generate a living income

black dot , and anyone who thinks that studying an online business model should be done as a defensive measure against a possible future loss of current employment.

black dot It is also important for those who are currently running other online businesses and who are struggling to make a profit.

After you read the information in this page you will be able to:

checkSet up a moneymaking website that allows you to sell all products on eBay without paying eBay fees.

checkGet paid for sales of products on eBay that you don't even promote.

checkSet up multiple streams of income.

checkSet up on a shoestring budget.

checkMake a substantial income with part time effort.

checkStart up and run an online business network even though you have no technical expertise.

The Business Model

The business model is best illustrated by showing you what one man does. You will use a similar model.

Here is the man's business model.

He has five blogs and websites. He spends three hours a day adding content to the blogs and three or four hours a week adding content to the websites. It's said that he averages $7-$8000 a month from the eBay eBay affiliate program. Plus he monetizes his blogs with Adsense and picks up another few thousand dollars from Google adsense.

He does this all on less than a 20 hour week.

You will be shown how to duplicate his business model. You don't have to have five sites and blogs. You can make good money with one. So you will be shown how to set up one.

smile 2

You can decide if you want to get more aggressive later and increase your time requirements to 20 hours a week. But with only one, you can do it on a couple hours a week.

But start slowly, learn and grow when you are comfortable.

If you think that that business model is at least looking at, We recommend strongly that you print this tutorial and follow it step by step so that you can decide if it fits what you would like to do. Print Version


Business Model Benefits

The benefits of this business model to you include:

checkIncreasing your profit margins by eliminating the payment of eBay fees.

checkBeing able to create multiple streams of income rapidly and inexpensively.

checkBeing able to pursue a scalable business and do it with low risk.

checkReducing the time that you spend on your current eBay business.

checkSelling eBay products without the risk of having to pay fees when a product does not sell.

checkSell eBay products without having any involvement in the shipping and process..

checkSelling eBay products without being concerned with your feedback score.

checkGetting commissions for sales of eBay products that you did not promote.

checkEliminating any customer interaction so that you can focus on the promotion process.

checkEffectively use eBay as your drop shipping supplier.

Overview Of How The Affiliate Program Works.

the eBay affiliate program is set up so that you can advertise any auction that you want. That includes your own auctions as well as anything else listed on eBay.

You get paid to ways. You get a commission of 50 to 70% of the money that eBay makes on the sale. Additionally you get $25-$35 per new active member of eBay.

You get a commission on anything that the person buyers even if you did not advertise it as long as that person comes into eBay through your affiliate link.

So that means if the person comes into eBay through your page which is promoting Crystal and buys a car, you get the commission on the car.

When the customer clicks through your affiliate link a cookie is set and you get paid a commission if that customer buys anything on eBay within the next 7 to 30 days. ( the time period depends on whether the customer is new or established with eBay.)

eBay gives you many tools and help. They claim that their top 50 affiliates all make over $1 million per year.

It is generally agreed among Internet marketers that the eBay affiliate program is the best affiliate program on the web.

This tutorial shows you how you can use and benefit from the eBay affiliate program - even if you do not have technical computer knowledge.

How To Start

There are basically three elements to this program. The first is the eBay affiliate program. The second is a website host that offers the free tools that you need to set up your websites and blogs that will be used as the platforms to sell you eBay products. The third is your time.


Web Hosting - About $7 per month, paid in advance a couple months to a year - your choice.

A Domain Name - Free with hosting or about $10 - depending if you follow our advice or not.

WordPress - Free

PhpBay - $49 - Not necessary but highly recommended to save time.

The entire process assumes that you are an approved eBay affiliate.

So you will have to get approved as an eBay affiliate. (Here is a link to the eBay affiliate program.)

When you go to that page do take note of eBay statement about the earnings of people who use the program. That is your upside potential. If those people can do it, you can. And this system will allow you to do it.

If you start through the sign-up process you will notice that eBay requires you to enter the address of the blog or website that you will use to promote eBay products. So before you start you need a blog or a website.

Because of the many advantages that go along with it, marketers generally use a wordpress blog as a website and target a single product or keyword. That enables them to get into the search engines quickly and to get good search engine position. (See Product Blog.)

And before you set up a blog, you will have to choose a product or category that you would like to promote. You have to make a choice now because you will use that to pick your domain name related to that blog.

Be sure when you are making the choice of the domain name you look at the eBay affiliate agreement that says that you cannot use eBay and other terms in the URL. Don't get your site disqualified by eBay because you have URL that violates their terms of service. They are picky about it.

When choosing your domain name, you will be choosing a niche. Choose something that will get you into good position in the search engines. You do not have to worry so much about the auctions that you are directly promoting. All that you are interested in is getting clicks to set the eBay cookie. Then if the people buy over the next 7 or 30 days, you get your commission.

On the other hand, if you take your time in choosing a niche for products that you want to sell, you might be able to dominate the search engines for that product line and make money directly from the auctions that you are promoting.

As you get started, pick hot items. You may have more luck getting to the top of the search engines with items lower on the list. Remember you are coming into a market where some folks are making over $100,000 per month at this. Avoid competing with them until you get more experience.

Here is a hot item finder. Auction Inspector

Choose a domain name related to the product or category that you have chosen.

Now that you have a domain name chosen, you need a web host for your blog.

In fact, if you are going to do business on the internet in any serious form, you are going to need a web host.

And you need a web host that has automatic setup of wordpress.

And you need one that allows you to host unlimited domains at no extra cost.

Here is a link to a few that are good. Web Host Reviews

We prefer Lunar. They are reasonably priced and are ok to deal with. They occasionally screw up, like they all do. But you won't be subjected to the pressure of up-sells that you get with outfits like GoDaddy. GoDaddy provides good service, but their pressure to buy, buy, and buy some more can be irritating.

A side note - watch for domain renewal costs. You get your first domain name free with Lunar.and all of them.

For additional domains, however, you must pay. Don't fall into the "cheap up front and stick it to them on the renewal trap". Example, pay $6.95 to register and $35.00 to renew each year as compared to paying $10.00 per year. (Check your hosting renewal now. You can change hosts and cut the costs.)

We register additional domains at They are not the cheapest up front. But they sure are the cheapest when it comes to renewals and long term costs. And they area good place to transfer your domains if your renewals are high.

For your first setup, you will need a wordpress template that you modify for your own use. Once you modify your first template, you can use it over and over again as you set up additional income streams.

Yes, that is right. To make a lot of money, you set up multiple streams of income. That means multiple blogs.

Don't panic. It is a cookie cutter thing. You can make quite a few a week if you want to.

But let's focus and think about growing later. We just want to set up now to be able to grow.

Your goal is to make money. So use a blog that is also monetized with adsense. Here is a template that is free and excellent. The Converter

We also recommend the use of a tool called phpbay pro wordpress plugin. With it all that you have to do to add an eBay campaign to a page or blog post is add the campaign ID to the plugin options. That makes life very easy and saves you a lot of time. And it limits time wasting mistakes.

It also has some features that help you with the search engines. For example, it masks eBay url's and does mod-rewrite on eBay image files. (If you don't know what those are, then it is more important to get phpbay.) The search engines send you customers so you should take every step that you can to be friendly to them.

phpbay is easy to use. It costs $49.00. But it is well worth it. Get it here. phpbay


Step-By-Step Procedure

check Look at and study the eBay affiliate program. You will not be able to look at tools until you get approved by eBay. But take the time now to review the terms of service and the information that they provide to you.


check Choose a category or niche. You want to choose something that is selling well. Tools like the Auction Inspector will help you find out what is hot. But you can also do it manually on your own. You may also want to get into a niche or category selling something that you know a lot about. That will enable you to write reviews later on which reviews will help you get into the top of the search engines.


check Check if a domain name relating to that category is available. You can do it in the Lunar Page. Or you can do it at the page.


checkIf you already have a host, register that domain name. We recommend because of the renewal costs. After you register, point the domain to your web host.


checkIf you do not have a web host yet, you get your first domain name free when you subscribe to the hosting service. So go to Lunar, subscribe and choose that domain.


checkInstall your blog. Use the automatic WordPress setup tool that you find in the control panel of your web host. It enables you to set up your blog with a couple clicks. A complete tutorial on setting up a blog can be found at this link. Setting Up A Blog


checkInstall the converter theme that you find at this link. The Converter


checkSign up for Adsense and add your Adsense account information in accordance with the instructions that come with The Converter theme.


checkModify the look of The Converter theme following the instructions on setting up a blog that you find at this link. Setting Up A Blog


checkAdd a little content related to the category or theme so that when you applying to eBay they see the category or theme that you will be promoting. Be sure that you add enough to look serious.

The eBay people take no prisoners. One of the things that you can do is go to eBay and look at the products that you have chosen to review and write some product reviews as blog posts. This will firm your position in the niche and make you look better to eBay. It will also help you get search engine positioning even before you are approved.


checkApply to the eBay affiliate program. It will take several days for them to evaluate your site and get back to you.


checkOnce you get the approval you can follow the eBay instructions to add the category ID to your blog. It is definitely much easier to go through this process using phpbay

As you go through this process do be sure to follow the instructions, tips and hints that are provided by eBay. They have very good information in the want you to succeed.

Remember, they want you to sell. They want people moving products on eBay. They do not want unsuccessful listings. The more affiliates posting listings, the more likely the listings will sell. And that makes everybody happy.


checkYou are now down to promoting. Rather than going through how to promote your blog in this tutorial, go to do search engine BING and put in the words "how to promote blog". You will get a fine collection of articles, all free, that you should read. You might consider printing the text from the best and putting it into a marketing notebook.


checkPost about every blog entry on face book and twitter. If you don't have accounts, get them now.


checkChoose another category and start again. Remember that your web host will , if you have chosen right, allow you to house unlimited domains on the server. So you don't have to pay another hosting fee. You only need a new domain.

This time you will have to register and pay for a domain. That registration will cost you about $10. Register it at and point it to your web host. The instructions are given to you when you register the domain name.


checkAs you make profits, register yet another domain name and put up another blog.


Remember print and save this tutorial to your computer now. The tutorial is in PDF format so you will need the free Adobe reader to open it. You can get the free Adobe reader here. Once you open the tutorial you can print it and you can also save it to your computer for later use. To read and print the tutorial go here. Print Version