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WordTracker Services

A review of the services provided by wordtracker.

From article marketing to finding niche keywords, WordTracker provides some excellent tools. These tools are heavy favorites of successful internet marketers.

Word Tracker focuses on those things that every internet business owner has to do. Find Keywords, Define a Niche, And Build Links.

Here is a link to the Word Tracker main page. Wordtracker

And below are some targeted links to some highly recommened services. We recommend that you read them thoroughly.

Article Marketing

To make article marketing work for link building and SEO, you need to know the difference between quality articles and spam. Author of Wordtracker Masterclass e-book Article Marketing: The Write Way to Build More Links Karon Thackston, makes that distinction and shows you how to use it.

Link Builder

Make no mistake about it: if you want to speed your site to the top of the search engine listings, you're going to need inbound links. In fact, Google, king of the major search engines, states unequivocally that "the quantity, quality and relevance of links count towards your rating."

And according to search marketing guru Aaron Wall, "Link building is going to be the SEO trump card for the foreseeable future."

In fact, inbound links give you double benefits - first, it boosts your search engine rankings and second, it brings potential visitors direct to your site.