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What Is Drop Shipping?

The answer to that question depends on the intent of the person you ask. So if you want an answer to what is drop shipping you have to preface that question with your intent so the person answering knows how to approach the answer.

The video below gets into detail, but here is a summary that will help you get started.

Drop shipping is many things to many people.

To a mail order catalog company, and well developed online businesses, drop shipping is outsourcing the storage and shipping of inventory that they own so that they can focus on marketing and sales.

To entrepeneurs with cash, it is a way to build a network of sales agents and to get small businesses to pay them for permission to sell their products.

To small business startups, it is a way to get into business without having to buy inventory or get involved in shipping.

To local shops and businesses, drop shipping is a way to increase their sales and build a commission only sales force.

But like I said, that is just a summary of the possible answers to the question, "What is Drop Shipping?" Watch the video for a much more complete answer and a discussion of the various answers.

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