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Website Plan

This page offers a free website planning guide. It is to be distinquised from a business planning guide.

A website plan is just a subpart or module also a regular business plan.

Anytime you put something on the web you should have a website plan.

And that includes an off-line business that has a simple website to help promote that off-line business.

If you use the Web to make money, you may set up multiple streams of income and use many small websites.

Each of the small websites should have its own website plan. By making a plan for each of them you are able to focus on the key word that is central to that online effort. By focusing you can better put together a project that is more likely to make you money or if you're not interested in making money, accomplishing the goals for which you have set out.


When you click on the link below, a new window will open in your computer screen. You will see the gudie in .pdf format. You need the free Adobe reader, get it here, for it to open. Then just save it to your computer.

Website Planning Guide