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Web Site Layout

How you should layout your web site to get good search engine position as well as increase your sales.

The website that you will build to sell your products will have to satisfy both Google and your customers.

As far as Google goes, you have to establish your site as an authority and that is more a matter of site layout than anything else. The recommended layout is below.

As far as your customers go, you have to present an image of authority also. By choosing the proper theme offered by WordPress, you satisfy the design requirement. The authority requirement is satisfied by the text content that you add to the pages.


You choose the word press theme that has widgets for the right sidebar or footer.

Your site will be laid out as follows:

Home page
article page 1
article page 2
blog post home page
blog post one announcing home page
blog post two announcing article page 1
blog post three announcing article page 2

That will be your starting layout. You will add at least five more article pages and then blog post announcing each of those pages as they go up.