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Web Host Reviews

Web host reviews with comments and reviews of a few hosting companies.

Throughout our various tutorial series we tend to recommend a specific web host. We do this simply because if we give people too much information in any one paragraph or step, they tend to get confused by all the words. So we make it easy to make our point.

But when it comes to decision time, we feel it best to give them more information so that they can compare, question and do their market research.

So if you are going through our tutorials, regardless of what guide post was mentioned, here are some web hosts that you can use to help make your own decisions.

In general, we look at web hosts on two different levels. The first is a system level and the second is an independent level.

What we mean by that is explained below.




One approach to making money on the Web is to join a system where there is some support in one form or another. Two such systems are listed immediately below in the section that discusses an e-commerce store.

The second approach is an approach that keeps you independent of the systems and is an approach used by the majority of web marketers. It is also the approach that we recommend for someone just starting and who does not want to use a system. It is low-cost and entails very little risk. The web hosts that support such a system are towards the bottom of the page.

For An eCommerce Store

eCommerce stores are for people with advanced knowledge of doing business on the internet. They are for people who have already cut their teeth on mini businesses and who fully understand marketing.

But systems such as the Site sell, listed below, provide ecommerce store capability and support for the beginner.

Yahoo Merchant Solutions

If you fully understand marketing, then Yahoo Merchant solutions is probably one of the best choices that you can make.

using this system allows you to get into the Yahoo shopping network. The monthly cost is higher in the beginning but once you know what you're doing and can get into the Yahoo shopping network you have built in advertising and you are relieved of much of your marketing difficulties because you are in front of millions of buyers every day.

Site Build It

If you want a system that does a lot more for you, and you pay a lot more for it, then consider this.

There are many people who swear by the system. You get a lot of group support and you get a lot of support from the people who provide the system.

It is more expensive but if you are just starting an online business and are not sure whether you can make it or not on your own, do take a hard look at this.



For Any Other Internet Business

We always recommend that you start with a mini business. Even if you have an ecommerce store, you will eventually need a blog for proper promotion. So start here and learn before you sink big money, AND BIG TIME, into an ecommerce store.

These are budget hosts. I've chosen four of the most popular/well known.

You get the basics and you build on it from there. This is the way we approach drop shipping and business in general.

If you they are starting a business course, or read our drop ship guidebooks, you'll see how we use these.


This is a good budget host. They are reliable as far as staying online and the systems work well.

On the downside, when you have a question, they are prone to send you over to the forums to get help. This can be a time waster and definitely frustrating, especially if you are new to the business.

On the other side of the coin, the forums are a good place to go when you have questions that you need answered not related to some difficulties that you're having with the Web server.

They support dating sites without objection.

Blue Host

This is a very popular hosts that provides goo service. They are, however, very quick to cancel your account if they believe that you have violated their terms of service. There is no warning and no appeal. Your pages are taken off-line without notice.

But many people use then. So do take a look at them. They may be what you want.

Host Gator

This is our top recommendation. Since we always recommend having two hosts, we follow our own advice. We established this as our backup host and are slowly migrating web sites over to it.

Go Daddy

A well-known host that gets mixed reviews. Because they are well-known we put them up here for you to look at. They are aggressive marketers and will up sell you constantly.

But do look at them.