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The fundamentals and basics of doing business on the internet.

This is a particularly important section because if you're going to do business on the Internet, or if you are doing business on the Internet now, it is important that you review this to make sure that you have established a solid foundation. Your business is only as strong as its foundation and the material here will help you get started right and, if you are having difficulties in making a profit now, will help you get back on track.

 Mutiple Streams Of Income

This video discusses the importance of setting up multiple streams of income. And it discusses the return on investment for domains. 

  About The Cost To Start A Business


It is not expensive to start a home business on the Internet. You do not have to spend money on websites or pay big money for shopping carts and so on. Internet entrepreneurs generally make a lot of money with nothing more than a blog, that they set up free with their hosting company, and some products that they dropship.In this audio I discuss the cost to start a business on the Internet.

Laying The Foundation

Your business is only as strong as the foundation on which it is built. This video goes through the foundation and shows you what you must do to survive on the Internet. It is important first to survive and once you survive then you can think about making money. Be sure to look at this video and take its advice to heart.

Business Basics

Your business is as only as strong as the foundation on which you build it. This video discusses those things that every successful company on the internet knows are essential for survival. This tutorial is good for those who are new to business on the internet and those who are in business but not making significant profits.

Choosing Your Hosting Company

Hosting is a competitive business. To attract business, website hosts offer very low rates with many additional free tools and services that you can use to your benefit. In fact, some of the tools that they offer are actually must haves for a business to stay competitive.

This video takes you through what is available and shows you how you should set yourself up to protect against the inevitable when your host goes off line.

Registering A Domain Name

 There are a few things that you should think about when you register a domain and/or company name. This video covers the entire process of domain and company name registration from searching for available names to pointing the domain to your website hosts servers.



Sales and business growth depend on you building a mailing list. The shorthand way of saying this is, "The money is in the list." This video takes you through how an autoresponder works and how to set one up.

Choosing Your Online Store

This video takes you through the various choices that you have and what considerations go into making your choice of an e-commerce store. A main point of the video is that your business plan dictates the form of your e-commerce store and that it is important that you understand the many options that you have to make money on the net before you choose your e-commerce store.

Business Email

You have to be constantly thinking about your brand. You have to write email over your own domain name and you should have in the signature part of your e-mail a link to a website or blog over your domain.

Always think branding. In everything you do think branding. And your e-mail is in the forefront of your branding efforts.

This video gets into the details of the use of business e-mail. It is an extremely important video.

Setting Up Your Blog

If you are on the Web you need a blog. A blog is your main promotion tool and it does a lot more for you. In this video I show you how to set up a basic blog using the WordPress system.

Buying Wholesale

About Buying Wholesale There are many ways that you may find suppliers of wholesale products. Regardless of how you do your search it is very important that you verify the reliability of your supplier. This video gives you tips, hints and techniques.  

Introductory Business Basics

This video covers some basics about doing business on the internet and gives you a bit of advice about the preparation that you must do to survive against the stiff competition that you will face.

Increasing Your Offline Sales

If you have an offline shop, increase your sales by getting people to sell for you. This video gives you what you need to start laying out a plan to attract third parties to sell your products.

Finding Products To Sell

Like politics, business is local. And that even applies to the internet


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