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Videos And Search Engines

This page is about videos and search engines and how videos can boost your search engine position and boost your sales.

In general, a Forrester study related to videos and search engines revealed that a product page that contains a video is about 53 times more likely to have a listing on the first page of the google search engine results.

Additionally, a study by AimClear shows that people will click on video results than they will on a text result.

So What Should You Do?

Make iformation videos, submit them to YouTube and embed the YouTube video in your web page.

And here is why.

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1) Video can make people stay on your page longer

Google measures the time that people stay on your pages. They believe it measures page quality.

If people don't stay long, it means the page is not giving people what they want. Such a page is moved below pages that people stay on for longer periods.

Adding video gets people to stay longer.

And what are the results on stay time. A study by Comscore, again related to videos and search engines, indcates that people stay on a video page an average of two minutes longer than one without video.

2) YouTube dominates the results

About 80% or the search results are YouTube videos. The remainder come from video search engines like Metacafé, DailyMotion and Vimeo.

3) Information videos are best

Sales videos rank, but you get the best ranking by presenting information.

4) Videos get links

Though YouTube is best, you should maximize exposure of your videos by uploading them to multiple video search engines. In the process you. You can add links to your credits (either as part of your profile or in the video description field).

To get people to link to your website rather than directly to a YouTube page, embed multiple videos onto one web page to create a series of related videos.

If you use the videos as leads to pages on your site that are richer resources than the YouTube page, people will tend to link to your site.

Use Twitter and Facebook to promote your videos. The links won't come from the services but from those who share your link.



Videos and search engines go hand in hand. Here is a link to how to get started with a Videos And Search engines program.

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