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On Using Craigslist

Tips, hints and procedures to make money on craigslist and other classified advertising sites.

using the internet to make money

The discussion in this page focuses on Craigslist. But the techniques discussed here applies to other classified advertising sites. There is a list of such sites like craigslist at the bottom of this page.

The techniques used here are generally used by people who are willing to visit people in their locality to pick up product that they will sell.

That takes a bit more work than many things that one considers a home business. But the rewards can be reaped faster.

This is one of those businesses often pursued by aggressive students who want to earn money without being required to dedicate much time. They sell a few things to make a good bit of money and then go quite until they need another pulse of cash.


There are two general ways to approach the business.

One is to find products to sell on craigslist.

The second is to buy products on craigslist and sell them on eBay.

Both can be high profit businesses if you do your homework. Our recommendation is that you don't try to start this until you have read a couple books to see how others have been doing it.

How To Make Money On Craigslist

The basics and more about how you can use Craigslist to make money.

Craigslist Flipping

How to buy products on Craigslist and sell them on eBay for good profits.

Other Sites Like Craigslist

Use the techniques in other sites like Craigslist.