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Tips For Effective Videos

This page gives you tips for effective videos or, in other words, how to make effective videos that will increase your sales.

Here is a list of video does and dont's.

Video do’s

  • Tell a story about your item or demonstrate how your item works.

  • Keep the video short.

  • Use the same principles for creating a great photo to create a great video. For example, use proper lighting, use a contrasting background, and avoid background clutter.

  • Use sound to sell the item, but make sure there are no background noises that could distract your buyers. Close external doors. Turn off phones and electronic devices (such as televisions and radios). Record your video away from other people or pets.

  • Practice before you start recording. Find the best way to move your item or camera to highlight the features (or flaws) of your item.

  • Use a tripod to avoid shaking.

  • Save your video file with a descriptive name so you can find it easily when you're ready to upload to a video site.

Video don’ts

  • Don’t copy videos (without permission) from another eBay seller, manufacturer, or retailer.

  • Don’t film in extreme bright light or dark shadows. Make sure that you can see the item clearly.