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The Advertising Converter Theme

This theme is a simple wordpress theme that is designed to maximize your income. It is free.

It is important to note that Google advertises the heat map as a way to increase your Adsense income.

The Adsense team is separate from the search team. So even though the Adsense people say that you should use a heat map type theme, the search team wants to have the pages structured such that above the fold there is little or no advertising.

So the heat map promoted by the adsense team is in direct conflict with the search team. And that leaves you in somewhat of a quandary.

Since Google's main income comes from Adsense, some feel that eventually the Adsense team view will prevail.

You will note that this page is formatted with text about the foldl and advertising below the fold. You will notice that in the upper right we have an image or a video in each one of our pages.

We have chosen to go with the search team format for now and have found that the conversion rates are fairly decent.

Having said that, below is information about the converted theme.


You can find the theme at Heatmap . It is free.

How To Use The Advertising Converter Theme

The process is simple.

Pick a keyword that is related to the product you want to sell or the subject about which you want to provide information.

Register a domain at your web hosting company.

Use the free wordpress setup system provided by your hosting company.

Change the theme to The Advertising Converter .

Add your product or information on the first page.

Make five posts.

Make five information pages

Write five articles and submit them to article directories. See Article Marketing

You are in business. Because Google loves wordpress, you wil be indexed quickly. And if you focus on one product or on keyword, you are likely to be high in the search engines quickly.

Even if you do not sell the product, you are likely to generate good advertising income.

If you would like to automate the system, go here and see how that can be done. This is well worth the reading and also well worth the investment. Consumer Wealth System

If you want to do it yourself, go here for information on how to set up the wordpress blog.

And if you have your copy of The Drop Ship Guide, you can follow the step by step procedure laid out there. If you don't have a copy, get it here. The Drop Ship Guide

And if you wish, we will set it up for you for $5. Information about that is here. Mini Business Website