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Steps To Be Your Own Boss

How to be your own boss, step by step.

You do not need experience, technical ability or much money to be your own boss. You only need determination. That means that you are willing to start a race, fall flat on your face and get right back up and back into the race.

When all else is considered, it is such determination that makes people successful. They try, fail, reset, try and keep going.

You minimize your risk of failure by preparing and planning. Just like a runner, you condition yourself and make a race plan. Then you give it everything you have.

But then you may not have the body of a runner. So you may have to choose some other form of competition. Even so, you have to condition yourself and make a plan. And then give it everything you have.

Such is life.


Go where you have a chance.

Get behind a computer screen. There you can be as big or as small as you wish. You are as good or better than everyone else out there, until you prove otherwise.


Get background

Get an education. Read, take free courses. Learn what is out there.


Do it like successful people do.

On the internet you are a marketer of one form or another. If nothing else, you will be selling yourself.

Successful marketers do it on the cheap. They make websites for less than $10 and get rankings on the first page of google - free!

You can do that too, and it does not cost you anything but time to learn how!


Pick something and stay with it. Don't chase the rabbit.






Scale Up


Drop Shipping