Small Business Help And Training

About The Starting A Business Course

Your course on Starting A Business has two parts.

The first consists of a series of text backed audio and visual tutorials.

The second consists of periodic updates that contain important information related to current changes to the internet business enviornment.

This course is useful to anyone just starting a business and anyone who is online and struggling to make money.

Each lesson consists of an audio overview and is supported by video and text references specifically related to the subject at hand.

You will get a lesson sent to you every two days.

You are invited to listen to the course introduction given by Gary Granai, Director of the Poland Chamber, Inc.



Here are some of the lessons covered in this course.

We try to give you information that you can actually use directly from the lesson. These lessons are supplemented with new and updated materials on a rather frequent basis.


  • Course Introduction
  • Cost To Set Up A Business.
  • Getting Started.
  • Your Niche.
  • Finding Products To Sell.
  • What About Drop Shipping?
  • Three Things You Must Have.
  • How To Set Up A Web Site.
  • Where To Get Professional Help And A Lot Of Important Books Free.
  • The Secret.
  • Getting Customers.
  • Getting Others To Sell For You.
  • Using You Tube To Get Customers.
  • Adding Audio And Video To Your Web Site And eBay Auctions.
  • Using Classified Ads In eBay.
  • How To Use Automated Systems To Drop Ship Information Products.


    Start With The Costs To Set Up A Business. We will also send you this information so that you can keep it in your libray.