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Start An Online Business Almost Free

How to start an online business almost free.

You don't have to spend much money to start an online business. But you are going to have to spend some. There is no way around it.

That is because there are basic costs that you just cannot afford. Hiding them in the fine print does not make them go away.

But they don't have to be much.

You need an internet connection. You probably have one now. But as soon as you start in business, it becomes a tax deductable internet connection.

You need a product or service to sell. You don't have to pay anyone for the right to sell anything. There are companies all over the world that want you to sell their products.

You need an online store or catalog, if you will. It is a mirage and you do just like the savvy online marketers do - you use a free one that does not have upsells that you need.

And then you need a location for your store so that people can find it. That means you have to make it visible on the web. That costs. And there is no way around that.

But you do on the web like you would do offline. You go for a cheap rent. And as part of the deal, you ask for a free address.

And then there will your support costs. Your time, paper, pens, pencils, computer maintenance, licenses, taxes and all those things you need to maintain your home office that might be nothing more than a desk in the corner of your family room.

But that is it.

You do not have to hire web designers, programmers, buy programs, stores, pay to join drop ship programs, web marketing rings or any such make a million dollars a minute programs.

You just go step by step through setting up almost free streams of income and work them until you make as much as you want to make.

Does is sound easy? As a matter of fact, the setting up the business and getting it on line is. But the "work them until you make as much as you want to make" is another story. That is beyond easy. It is hard, time consuming, frustrating and a pain in the butt.


You can set up a professional web site free and choose from many thousands of products that you can drop ship without having to join any special programs.

In other words you can set up your ecommerce website, stocked with products of your choice free. And you can do that without hiring people to do it for you.


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