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Start A Business Course Introductory Basics

This video covers some basics about doing business on the internet and gives you a bit of advice about the preparation that you must do to survive against the stiff competition that you will face.

Below the video are resources that are alluded to in the video. Each will be covered in more detail in later lessons. But they are provided here to get you started.

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What You Should Read To Prepare

The following books are highly recommended reading. I recommend you read them all.

Take them one at a time, and in the order listed below.

Every one of these books comes with a guarantee. If you do not like them, keep them but get your money back.

Silent Sales Machine

The link goes to a review of the book. Do not start a business on the web without having read this book.

Drop Ship Guide

The link goes to the Drop Ship Guide. Drop shipping is the internet enabler. This is the drop shipping enabler.

eBay Classified Cash

Once you read the two books above and make the decision that you are likely to go forward, read this book.

Yahoo Store Profits Book Review

At any time you consider setting up an online store, of if you have a business now with a website, READ THIS! And read it even if you have not read the above. The link goes to a review of the book.

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