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This is the business information service for small online business with free help and videos.

The Business Information Service primarily deals with small business information. And beyond that it deals with information for online businesses.

The reason for this focus is fairly simple and straightforward. First more people can afford to start a small online business. To do so does not take much capital and it is easy to start up.

But even though it is easy to start up an online school business prior to doing so there is a lot of information that one must gather learn and coordinate before he goes online. That process is generally known as doing a business plan.

The small-business information contained in this website gives you enough background information and business planning help so that you can go through the business planning process logically and comfortably.

In fact, most people who start an online business are actually micro business owners. They differ significantly from what is normally classified as a small-business owner. And as a micro-business owner, the information needed both to plan and run such a business is much different than what is usually provided to people who fall within the small-business definition. Please note that this distinction is covered with in pages in this business information service.

It is a distinction that you should understand because it will make a big difference in your planning process.

The micro business owner generally operates alone, or at best, within a family group. And the expenses related to the very small business are really quite different from those of a larger one that has employees.

And that person needs a different information base on which to build and operate online.

The key is planning. And that means planning in advance of actually going online.

This is especially important for those who have no business experience. Even though their business is small, the risks can be big. So they have to gather as much information as possible and do their business planning.

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In this service, we have a complete library of small business information. You are invited to read it. Just use the search engine to focus on the topic that you need.