Small Business Help And Training

The Small Business Academy

The Small Business Academy is dedicated to the development of micro-businesses. It provides training and support for individuals in an effort to promote or encourage people to start their own micro-businesses.

Micro-businesses are economic activities, typically undertaken by one person or a family, engaged in for the purpose of generating small but regular lines of income and typically established with minimal expenditures of cash and it relies more on the determination of its owners for survival.

The people who start micro-businesses are typically those classified as movers and shakers. They have a lot of heart and desire, a few resources. They have a willingness to learn and apply themselves, to try and accept failure. One who after he falls flat on his face gets right back up and runs in the race. He has limited or no business experience but is not willing to accept the status quo or life as it was dumped upon him. He is one who changes rather than ask for change. He is a shepherd that is willing to fight the wolves and not one of the sheep that hides behind a shepherd.

Micro-businesses are, of course, small businesses. But small business classifications assume in columns often well in excess of $1 million and employees up to 500.

Micro-business planning and assistance is most available through private organizations while the governments lend their support to small businesses that are well beyond the size that the typical homeowner or single entrepreneur is interested in.

The director of the Small Business Academy, Gary Granai, is one of the early pioneers of commercial Internet. He has been providing training and support for micro-business since 1996 when even at that time advanced training consisted of showing people how to make a very simple website.

As the technology moves forward many of the small people who are movers and shakers have been left behind while those who have been fortunate enough to go through college and become trained computer technicians and Internet marketing consultants have prospered.

But the Small Business Academy has been working with micro-business entrepreneurs showing them how they can start that businesses with incredibly low investment.

Following a do-it-yourself approach to improving oneself, the Small Business Academy provides that information and training that allows a micro-business owner to start with one small stream of income and to add additional micro-businesses with additional streams of income with the end result being an accumulated macro business that can lead to significant income.

You are invited to review all the information in these Small Business Academy websites.

All the Small Business Academy websites started as micro-business ventures that generated very little cash flow and have since graduated to macro profitable businesses.