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Shipping Estimators And Calculators

A collection of shipping estimators and calculators for domestic and international shipping.

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This page provides information that you can use from start to finish for all your shipping needs.

First you Information about estimators and calculators that you can use to check the prices for the shipping of your letters and small packages.

You also get some contacts to get estimates for shipping pallets and containers of product.

Finally there are some mail forwarding services that you can use to get an address in the United States. And in Europe. To get street addresses so you can make purchases and have product shipped to those addresses and reshipped for you.

First here is a link that gives you an example of the costs related to shipping products such a amber or other small items from Poland. Use it to get a basic understand of the costs for shipping packages under 10 kg. Amber Shipping Options

Shipping Calculators

Shipping Sidekick

This is a particularly useful shipping calculator because you can check and compare the prices for the various shipping services that are available for you. They also contain a lot more information that is very helpful and useful.

If you have to come up with a fixed price for shipping, one technique used is to calculate the shipping costs for your item from New York to California. That will give you the maximum shipping cost. Use that for your eBay or other merchant fulfilled online store.


This is a direct link to the UPS calculator. Many people find it easier to use the shipping sidekick because it calculates all the shipping costs for all the services.

Polish Post Express Calculator

This is a local calculator for shipping from Poland. The shipping rates are definitely well below UPS shipping rates.

Amazon Revenue Calculator

This is not so much a shipping estimator as it is a profit calculator. It provides real-time cost comparisons between your fulfillment and for customer orders fulfilled on

Fedex From Poland

This is linked directly to the Polish rate calculator


Tracking Services From Poland

To track a shipment from Poland, go to this page for information about all tracking services. Tracking Sites


Shipping Materials

Dymo Endicia

This service provides scales postage labels and other shipping supplies. It also contains a wealth of information most of which is quite necessary for anyone shipping.

UPS Dimensional Boxes

These boxes are the maximum size recommended to avoid additional charges under the UPS Dimensional Weight rule.



Shipping Company Estimates


Shipping and warehousing with some excellent distribution service support.

US Logistics

Get air freight, ocean and trucking shipping services and rates.


Package And Mail Forwarding

Kitting And Warehousing In Webster

A service to receive your goods, repackage them and send them to you are another location.

US Mail Forwarding

This mail forwarding service is based on a dedicated and authentic US Street address that is approved by the US post office. You can stay connected to your postal mail just as you do your voice mail and email today: you can get and manage postal mailbox from anywhere.

Mailbox Exchange

Mailbox Exchange provides international mail and package forwarding services in the U.S.

Through This Services You Get:
a U.S. street Address (Not P.O. Box)
Mail/Package Forwarding to You almost anywhere in the World
Online Account Management and E-mail Package Notification
Low Shipping Rates via DHL, FedEx and USPS


Package and Mail Forwarding Services. When you get a US address and EU address from Bongo you can shop USA and shop EU websites. Packages are sent to your Bongo address for forwarding to your country.

Virtual Office In Poland

An ideal solution for Polish or foreign companies coming to the market deciding to establish branches of the company at key locations in Poland.


If you have information about any other shipping calculator or estimator that you think should be here, please send us email with the information.

Every one of the service providers above can give you estimates. Just contact them with the full details of what you want to do and what you need. The more information that you give them the faster they can respond to you.


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