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Sex Equals Money

This sex equals money page emphasizes that many people make extremely comfortable livings with local and targeted dating and matchmaking sites - be they romance, short term adult, sex contact and meeting, or gay.

There are two basic approaches to making money.

First is the easy way and something that almost all website owners should consider. And that is adding link to a dating site in their website or blog.

Why? More and more relationships are created online. And more and more people are looking.

Just look at the sites you visit. How many of them have advertisements for some form of matchmaking? They are there because people want them and the site owners make money with them.

The sites don't have to overtly promote sex. They can be friendship, targeted marriage or targeted lifestyle.

Here is a link to a group of sites that you can look at that may be useful to you. Dating And Lifestyle Affiliate Sites.

By using the information in this page you can overcome the biggest barrier to starting a matchmaking site - and that is an initial database of subscribers.

The second approach is to set up your own dating website. Information about that is below.



There are systems available that you can use to make your own site that include databases of active members. The cost to you is that you pay a percentage of any revenue that you earn using that system.

The reality is that that is extremely cheap and beneficial to you. You can set up your website totally free and spend your time doing what is important. And that is marketing.

If you tire of the project or for some reason have to abandon it, your only cost for the site will have been that of your time.

There are so many people who do not want to start their own money making businesses because they can't find a niche. Within the sex industry, it is easy to find a niche. Simply stated, sex is local. So your niche is a local dating, gay or swinger site.

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Dating Site

With the proper system and a pre-existing database, your task is to simply put up a site - the easiest start is to use a free template - and then promote it to increase your membership base. And you can do that with some simple promotion.

There is no doubt. Everyone gets their sex somewhere. And many like the privacy of the web to find it. It is a lucrative niche for you to pursue if you want to make money online.

If you are interested in using the concept that sex equals money to your benefit, Information about setting up your own dating sites is at DIY Dating.