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How To Set Up A WordPress Blog

If you are on the Web you need a blog.

A blog is your main promotion tool and it does a lot more for you. In this video I show you how to set up a basic blog using the WordPress system.

Once you complete this video you have a blog that you can modify to use as your own free standing website or one that you can use as a promotional tool either with in or external to another website.

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Throughout this video series we recommend that you build your business on the foundation of a domain name and flexible website host with autoresponder. You can see more about that in the links below.

With the three things that we recommend you can very quickly set up your blog and start making money. It is very fast and very easy to do once you have your primary parts of your foundation in place.

You will see that with the proper selection of the website host to install a blog all you have to do is make a couple clicks of the mouse. Then it is a matter of modifying the blog to suit your purposes. There are other videos in this series that takes you through those tasks.

So to start watch this video that discusses how to set up a blog and then watch the follow-on videos to modify the blog to do what you want.

If after watching this video you think it is too difficult to do, we will set your blog up for $5. See Mini Business WebSite



Website Hosts That Offer Blog Setup Services Like Shown In The Video

Here is a link to web hosts that offer services that you can use to do what is in this video. Web Hosts.

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