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Selling On Ebay

Selling on eBay is like playing chess against a master. You study the game and learn it in or out or you take a beating.

Yes there are over three quarter million people who make a full time living on eBay. And most of them work full time at it.

But there are many more that get eaten alive by eBay fees.

If you are going to do business on the web you should know eBay. It is a cheap place to advertise.

If you are going to sell on eBay as a business venture, you have to learn it inside out to make any serious money. This is not a business that you just jump into. It, like any other business, requires that you make a detailed marketing plan.

There are some resources below the video that will help you. But first watch the video for some straight from the shoulder advice.


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eBay Action Plan

Use this to set up your eBay marketing plan.