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How To Register Your Company And Business Name

Tips and hints on how to register your company name. Search for a free business name here

To set up an email account over your own company or domain name, you have to register that company or domain name.

Once you register it, you have to use a web site hosting company to publish that name and to provide you email services.

Here is a step by step approach.

First look at the video that gives you insight into how to choose a company name that will be effective on the web. Here is a link to that tutorial. Tips on registering a company name.

Then check if the name that you want is available.

To find out if your company name is available, just use this search box.

Once you choose your name and register it, then contact a hosting company to have them house it on their server.

Here is a recommended company. They are inexpensive, give good service and have a lot of extra tools you can use. MidPhase

Here is another that has excellent web site services also. Web Hosting

There are thousands of others. But the ones above are good.

The importance of having a company name and using email over that company name cannot be overemphasized. It is your image and your brand. And you should actively use it to promote your brand.

When you use the free systems you brand someone else. You send their advertising to everyone with whom you communicate when in fact you should be sending your advertising.

If you are going to do business in any way on the web, use your company name. If you are worried about spam, then you should not be in business. It is a part of doing business. Just use professional anti-spam systems to control it as best you can. It is a cost of doing business.

But a word of caution is in order here. Do not use a challenge response anti-spam system. People do not appreciate that. You will lose business. They are for amateurs. They hurt your brand. They make you look arrogant.

When your company name is hosted, set up a few different email accounts. And learn how to use alias names so that you can find a source of spam and kill all spam coming from that source just by deleting the alias. Your web site host will have instructions on how to use an alias.