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Recession Proof Income

This page discusses how to create your own recession proof income by using the internet.

The major internet based companies such as Google and Amazon have been very profitable throughout the recession that has persisted for the past few years. If you use them as a base for your online income, you can stay as recession proof as they have.

You use them as a base by making very simple web sites - generally costing less than $10 each - that are monetized with Google AdSense advertising and a product sold on Amazon.

It takes very little to start making money this way.

Amazon stores are easy and inexpensive to set up. You can see how easy it is by watching a video and reading the accompanying text. How To Set Up An Amazon Store


And you might consider strongly using micro-sites for drop shipping Amazon products. Here is a link to a book that shows you how to do that. Drop Shipping On A Budget.

The above processes are, of course, not the only way to use the internet against the recession. You can make money many other ways. But since during a recession you are very likely to not have a lot of extra money to invest, they are very good choices.

And to be sure that you are fully informed before you do anything, here is a link to the Top Ten Opportunities.