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Privacy And Security Issues

Computer security should be of interest to everyone. But when you go into business you'll have to be particularly careful. There is so much more at stake and there are so many opportunities for you to be hurt.

You have to be concerned not only about your own data and personal protection, but also about all the business information, files, mailing lists and backup information that you have to keep in order to protect yourself.

In this page there are links to text and videos that discuss computer security from many different angles.

At the top of the list, as odd as it may seem, is a video on removing porn and child away from your computer. That can't be on your computer even though you've never visited one of the oldest type sites. And the criminal penalties plus the damage that can occur to your reputation make it absolutely essential that you continually monitor and clean your computer to be sure that you have absolutely no exposure that results from spam, malicious websites, and Trojans attacking your computer and leaving foreign and child porn in places that you do not know about.

So first watch the video on removing porn and child porn. It has a lot of good general information about keeping your computer clean.

 How to remove porn and other unwanted trash from your computer.