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Powerful Domain Names

How to create powerful domains. Use this information to make the domain that you have now more powerful. It is very simple to do and can increase your sales.

Summary: Your domain name or website address is the core of your online brand. It is also be a driver of traffic to your site and a factor in the SEO ranking your site achieves through the search engines. In choosing your domain name, there are several 'strategies' to consider. Here are some examples of how big companies have made their domain more powerful.

When most small business owners register their first domain, they consider finding something that is catchy, something easy to remember and something that related to the topic they intend to devote their site to...but at this point in the process, many don't consider the power that the domain name could have on the traffic their site generates.

A domain name is so much more than the address for your website - it has the ability to greatly influence the amount of traffic that comes to your site. This happens both through direct type-ins and natural search (i.e. searches from engines like Google or Yahoo!).

Larger organizations take advantage of website forwarding (a service that allows you to forward any domain that you have registered to any of your other domains). By doing this, they have made their domain name more powerful, and they have ensured that potential customers who intended to arrive at their website - actually get there. This 'strategy' is so easy to implement, that a business of any size can benefit from it. Here are some examples of ways that large companies have increased the power (and reach) of their domain names:

Register additional TLD's (extensions) of your existing domain name such as .net, .biz, .org. Try typing in and you'll find it goes directly to (their primary site).

Register common misspellings or typing mistakes that potential visitors could make when typing your domain name into their web browser. If you type guess where it goes - directly to, of course.

Register names that sound similar or look similar to yours. For example, if you type into your browser, you'll be taken to (the correct way to spell the company's name). Some other examples are and which take visitors to and respectively.

This one is particularly good if you do business in other languages - register your name in another language. The most common example of this one is which will take visitors to the website.

Register names that describe your business or your products. Here's a great example - try typing You'll notice the site is the exact replica of that found at Barnes and Noble's site (which is

One closing thought - the search engines also give extra points for the additional domains that point to the same site. So, by employing this simple strategy, you may just get the extra benefit of increased search engine rankings too.


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