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Outsourcing Jobs And Outsource Resources

If you are going to be outsourcing jobs, there are some basic resources that you should use.

Outsourcing can make that necessary difference in your business. Not does it free up your time, you can find experts to fill knowledge gaps that you have.

Place To Find Outsource Workers

The people of the Phillipines speak English and are hard workers. They are also pleasant people to deal with. You can find many other people from many other countries. But to keep this page in focus, here are two places that you will find very good to use if you are outsourcing jobs.

The Craigslist Manilla

Look in the resumes section at the bottom of the page. The other cities have some listings. But most are concentrated in Manilla.

Best Jobs Phillipines

You can place your ad free or you can pay to get access to resumes that have been preselected.

Project Management Systems

Any business should use a project management system of some sort. And if you are outsourcing jobs, one becomes more important. Here are three systems that are essentially the same, except for the price. We use the open source program Project Pier.

Basecamp HQ

A project management system for a monthly fee.


A project management system for a one time payment.

Project Pier

A free, open source, project management system.