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Offline Marketing Consultant

How to make money as a trade assistant or offline marketing consultant.

trade assistant

A key to making money is to first indentify your client base. And that applies here as well.

One base consists of offline business owners who neither have the desire nor ability to do web sales.

Another consists of those who are overloaded and need help selling their products on eBay, craigslist or eBay.

Each of these presents you with a significant, no investment business opportunity.

And the amount of money that you can make can be significant.

Each is discussed in detail below.

Trade Assistants generally work with eBay sellers to sell their products. The pick up things to be sold or you bring them to a drop off point. And they sell them on eBay.

You can do that independently for any business or individual. And you do not have to do it on eBay. You can sell products on your own web site. And you can sell their products on Amazon using the Amazon FBA program.


Offline Marketing Consultants are trade assistants in their own right. But their market is the shop owner that is to busy to sell on the web. You offer your services, for a fee or commission, to manage their web sales.

Some people are making a lot of money as off line consultants working for banks, lawyers, restaurants, local businesses and more.

This is so popular that there is a major network of people working as offline consultants. You can access that network here. Offline Business