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No Technical Skills Needed To Start A Business

Web marketers don't waste time with technology. They use systems that allow them to set up hundreds of web sites per week.

Additionally they use systems that are no cost and low cost, but which systems give them steady, sometimes small, but always steady, multiple streams of income that add up to significant monthly totals.

The systems that they use to set up the sites come free with their web hosting accounts. And if you pick the right web site host, you can do it just as they do.

The general approach is to,using the wordpress blog system, set up one website per product and then to promote that site with article marketing. They monetize the site by drop shipping the product and earn extra money with adsense and get the best click through rates using free, but specially designed themes.

Of if they want to set up ecommerce stores, they set up focused mini stores - as compared to general stores - per product line. And they do that with free store systems that come with their website hosting accounts.

This may seem complex. It is simple. It is step by step.

The Amazon Formula takes you through setting up a physical product site. You can use that free.

And if the whole process still seems difficult, even much of that process has either been automated or there are useful tools that make it easier for you. For example look at Consumer Wealth System

Whether you use a system like that, or follow the step by step procedures in the Amazon Formula, the Drop Ship Guide or in other videos in this site, you can do it all with no technical skills at all.