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Multiple Streams Of Income

To protect yourself against market shifts and other unknowns, set up multiple streams of income rather than relying on one.

multiple streams of income

Any successful business soon sees competitors join the market selling products similar to theirs. The prices may be lower and the new business may be better placed.

And no product is everlasting. Tastes change. New innovations come on the market.

To protect yourself, build a network of profit centers in the form of small web sites that sell different products or product lines.

Each of them should be expected to yield a relatively small income as compared to the total that you want to make.

If any one of the product lines falls out of favor, you will lose the income from that one. Since its share of your sales is small. it should not hurt you too badly. Compare that to you having one web site that fails to yield income.

Model the masters. Spread the risk. Set up multiple web sites.


This video discusses the technical aspects of how to set them up as well as the costs and the side use of the domains used for each stream to set up a network of sites that help you with search engine position.

The essance of the video is that you should target web sites that make 5 to 10 dollars per day. By doing that you will spread the risk and spread the wealth.

There are links below the video that give you more information about using this technique.

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Yahoo Store

This is the store of choice to use as the center of your income stream hub. Yahoo offers what we believe to be one of the most versatile store systems at a very affordable price. This links to a video about the store.

How To Choose A Domain

Here is a video that shows you the process of choosing a domain.

Set Up A Product Blog

A product blog is all that you need as far as a website goes to set up an income stream. This gives you more information about a product blog.

Five Dollar A Day Formula

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