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This page discusses the offer to install an adsense ready WordPress blog on your webhost for $5.

We will install the WordPress theme that you find at this link. It is an Adsense ready theme and it is set up to convert advertising efficiently. Heatmap Theme

We will install that theme on your website host under your domain name.

If you do not have a web host we recommend that you use this one. You will also get a free domain name from that web host. Click for details on the host that you can use. Lunar

We will install your Adsense advertising scripts so that the site is immediately ready to start making money as soon as you get traffic to it.

dollars for business

If you do not have Adsense code, go to this link and sign up for Adsense. Google Adsense

Once the blog is installed all that you have to do is add some content in the pages and start making posts.

This blog is designed to be a mini business. It is a single stream of income.

You can use it to:

start your drop shipping business,

set up you own amazon store,

set up a series of blogs and set up multiple streams of income. Information about multiple streams of income can be found at this link. Multiple Streaams Of Income

join the eBay affiliate program to be able to drop ship anything sold on eBay. You can find information about the eBay affiliate program and a WordPress blog at this link. eBay How To

The full payment for the installation of this WordPress blog and addition of Adsense to that blog is five dollars which payment will be made by PayPal prior to our starting work.

If you wish more details you may write us e-mail at the address here. Contact Form

If you desire additional setup work, we shall discuss the theme read related to the services that you want.


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