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This section contains a series of videos that are related to sales and marketing on the Internet.

The videos are added as we get questions from subscribers to our Drop Ship Guide that you can find at this link called Drop Ship Guide.

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You are encouraged to watch all these videos since they will give you an excellent background in selling on the web.


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Free Video Tutorials In This Marketing Section

How To Add Audio To Your eBay Auctions

Audio is extremely important if you want to increase sales. You can add audio very simply to any website.

Look Professional Or Get Ignored

In order to be successful on the web you'll have to always be concerned about your image and your brand. That concern has to start from day one.

Selling On Ebay


EBay should be part of every businesses advertising plan. That is simply because eBay is one of the largest search engines. A business uses eBay differently than the typical user who sells individual items at auction. Learn how here.

Silent Sales Machine

This video reviews the book Silent Sales Machine. It is well worth watching because the video itself introduces you to some very important concepts and ways to make money.

How To Get Free Advertising With CamStudioPro

Use YouTube and about 30 other video sites for free advertising. This video shows you how to do it.

If you use YouTube and the other videos sites you can drive traffic to your products and services free. The traffic that you get is targeted traffic it has a high conversion ratio.

Evaluation Of The Yahoo Store eCommerce System

If you are considering an online business that involves the style of products such as gifts, wedding gifts, glass, crystal or any other drop shipped products other than digital products, then you should consider strongly a Yahoo store.

Yahoo stores are inexpensive to set up, inexpensive to operate, and offer you many features and benefits that you do not get from other programs.

In this video we take you through a Yahoo store to give you a feel for what they offer and what you can do with one.

Review Of The Online Profits Visual Learning System

This is the review of a visual learning system that is backed up by checklists and a manual.

The system focuses on the Yahoo store e-commerce system and show to how to set up an e-commerce store using Yahoo and more importantly how to structure a store into you marketing program and how to develop a marketing program for that store.

The online profits system is written by an experienced dropshipper who runs several successful drop shipping businesses. It is a hands-on system that will enable you to get started very quickly with a Yahoo store and with an e-commerce business.

By watching this video you get a good basis for comparison with other systems and offers related to drop shipping. The video is very informative itself as is the introductory material within the online profits system itself.

Setting Up A Capture Page

Perhaps the most important business development tool that you have is the capture page or squeeze page that you have and you wish to develop your customer and e-mail list.

Without a mailing list you have no business. People will come to your website once, bounce off it, and you will likely never see them again.

Learn How To Set One Up Here

Make Money With A Blog

If you set it up right, you can make a lot of money with a blog. Go to this page for a video and more information about how to do it.