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How To Make Money With Yahoo Groups

Step by step instructions on how to make money with Yahoo Groups.

You can make a full-time living by posting to Yahoo Groups. The process is very simple and requires very little effort on your part.

It is absolutely free to start, absolutely free to operate, and is used by many people who make thousands of dollars per day posting messages on Yahoo Groups.

You can send your offers to thousands of people who are interested in home businesses and in buying products by placing just one advertisement on one Yahoo Group. The total time to do this is less than five minutes.

There are thousands of Yahoo Groups covering many subjects.

Selling Products

If you want to sell pottery, amber, Christmas ornaments, or find other agents to sell products for you, write advertisements and post them in Yahoo Groups that you think will be productive for you.


Selling Using Affiliate Programs

Let us discuss the use of Yahoo Groups from the perspective of selling products or services to people who are interested in having their own home business.

You can apply this to selling products or retail as well. In fact you can apply it to selling anything. But for the purposes of this lesson we will discuss selling a CD to people who are interested in home businesses. It gives us something specific to talk about.

If you go to Yahoo Groups at this address and search for Groups in the Find A Group box you can find hundreds of groups that allow you to post advertisements each day.

You can search with the keyword home business but you can also be creative and search with many other keywords to find people who may be interested in buying the product that you are selling.

When you search you will see a description of the group. If the group seems to have people who might be customers, join the group.

Now, of course, to join the group, you will need a Yahoo Account.

Sign up for a yahoo account but be very careful in how you name that account. Be sure to use a professional name for the account name because that is what people will see. Use that account name to brand yourself professionally. If you have a company name, use it.

If you already have a Yahoo Account, get another one that you use especially for this.

You can sign of for a Yahoo account here.

You will want to test the system to learn how it works. So let us give you a step-by-step approach to this so that you can test it and later modify it to sell any other product that you want.

We will start by having you sell the CD called solutions and secrets that you can read about the at this link.

You will get 50 percent of the sales price of that CD acting as an affiliate sales agent for that CD. You can read information about becoming an affiliate's sales agent at this link.

Sign up as an affiliate sales agent so that you get your AFFILIATE code.

Once you become an affiliate sales agent for the Solutions and Secrets CD you will have an AFFILIATE code that was issued to you by the distributor Click Bank. We will show you how to use that AFFILIATE code to make money.

Your next step is to write in advertisements that you will post on the Yahoo Groups that you have joined. Join many of them. The more you join, the more customers you get.

Important - Choose to get the daily digest or you will be loaded with email. You will get mail as it is. Read it to see how others are making money and writing advertisements. When it gets bothersome, filter it to your junk or trash folders.

Now log into your Yahoo Groups account, go to the page that says My Groups, log in to any groups that you have joined, and post advertisements.

Do this for one half hour to one hour per day.

Change your advertisements every few days until you find something that performs well for you.

Try using the advertisement for drop shipping that you see top right and that you can get here. Drop Shipping.