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Look Professional Or Get Ignored

In order to be successful on the web you'll have to always be concerned about your image and your brand. That concern has to start from day one.

There are some very practical reasons to be concerned about this even before you are going public with a Web business and trying to make sales.

As part of your product research and business planning you will be sending e-mail to factories, wholesalers and other suppliers as well as service providers.

If you do not proceed properly you will be ignored. Not only will you be ignored sometimes it will end up costing you more money for product then it would have had you created the proper first impression and approached the supplier correctly.

This video contains a very important background information and instructions on what you should do to be sure that you establish a good first impression, establish your brand, and do not have your requests for information send to factory, wholesaler and supplier trash bins.

The Internet is extremely competitive and you have to be aware that there are many people who are either looking to tear you down to get ahead or simply shoddy in their work habits to your detriment.

Do be sure to watch this video in its entirety and take its recommendations to heart. If you don't, it can cost you money and lost time and effort.


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Additional Information

Web Presence Definition

This page discusses further the importance of defining you company on the web and gives you a step by step process to set yourself up so that you are first, not ignored, and second, taken seriously.


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