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Link To The Top Of The Search Engines

How to link to the top of the search engines.

Getting to the top of the search engine is a function of many things. Website design, which includes layout content, internal linking structure and so on, is a basic consideration. And that is where it really all starts.

So as you approach the task of getting your site to the top of the search engines you should be sure that your site is properly designed. There is some information at this link. Web Site Layout

But regardless of how good your website is, to get to the top of the search engines you need backlinks. backlinks, being of course, links from other websites and blogs.

In fact, once you transform your website into a design that is search engine friendly, getting your website to the top of the search engines is for the most part a matter of generating backlinks.

At a minimum, you should strive to get at least 10 backlinks soon after you launch your website. Once you have that initial group, aside from your standard website maintenance to keep the site fresh, your main task will be to continue to get as many backlinks as you can.

Important Note On Backlinks

As you get backlinks, it is important that you do not use paid systems, buy links, or do anything that looks to the search engines like a have been added as some part of the scheme.

You can get backlinks in many ways.

The most important backlinks are those called natural backlinks.

You will get natural back link from people who find your website and link to your pages because the information that you have in your website is authoritative and worthy of a link. Unfortunately, to get these links people will first have to find your website. And has you are launching your site that is very little likelihood that people will find your website.

So in the beginning you are going to have to be outgoing and ask for backlinks.

In some ways that can be rather easy. For example,it is very likely that you have some contacts on social network sites such as Linkedlin and Facebook, etc. Use these networks as a source of people that you can ask to link to your site.

Ask them if they will post for you a short announcement or comment on their website, blog or even just make a referral within that social network. And ask that that announcement or comment contain a link back to your website or blog. And further tell them that if they have a website or blog that you will return the favor by posting on one of your blogs an announcement or comment about theirs. The result will be that you get some very natural links in the social networks, websites and blogs from people that you have some relationship with.

People will generally be slow to respond. So make requests fairly regular, being careful not to be too pushy.

The next step is to put time aside each week to search for other blogs related to your topic. And once again ask them if they will post for you and you will return a post for them.

In all cases, tell the people that you will give them a follow link and you ask of them that they give you a follow link. Information about follow and no follow links can be found by searching Google.

You can also do what is very popular among marketers and take your own free self-help approach. Set up about 10 free blogs and accounts where you can post and link back to your site.

Here is a list of places that you can set up free blogs and other link generating services. Once you set them up, you can make your own posts and get your own links. Additionally, when you trading posts with third parties, you can use these blogs to post for them and give links to them without affecting your main moneymaking site.

Some of these services allow you to set up more than one blog. If you would like to see an example of anannouncement blog set up to promote a site and exchange posts, go to this link. About Lyme Disease

Live Journal




Blog Dive

Journal Home

Getting Your First Backlinks

To get your first links, or if you are online now and just would like a link, here is a page where we have a list of blogs on which we will exchange post with you. Go to Free Backlinks

There is one important thing that you should note, however. The search engines love videos. And it is said that it is fifty times more likely to get a first page listing for a video than a webpage. But this does take quite a bit of work to set up.

Even so it is good information that you should consider and probably should add to your marketing and promotion program. Information about YouTube marketing can be found at this link. YouTube Marketing.