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Laying The Foundation For Your Business

This video and the links below the video must be considered as one package.

The reason is that the video shows you the importance of the links below and why they are necessary parts of your foundation..

The video gets into the business reasons that you must do certain things in order to survive on the Internet.

It is at the point of laying the foundation that most businesses fail even before they start.

Simply stated, they do not establish the basics before they go off on a tour throwing money at fancy websites and expensive programs.

And it is right here, on this page, that you decide your future.

Hyperbole? Not at all. You either do or not do. If you choose not do, you just starting sliding down the slippery slope of failure.

It is important to understand the fundamentals laid out in this video before you spend money. And even before you start your business plan.

I do hope that you take the time to go through this complete video and to look at each of the videos below once you have reviewed this one.

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Check And Register A Domain Name Here


Get Web Hosting Here

video tutorial An in depth review of what you should look for and how to use a web host to your best advantage. Covers costs, capabilities and additional services. So that you do not lose this page, the tutorial will open in a new web browser in your computer screen.





Build Your List With An AutoResponder

video tutorial The money is in your mailing list. Build that mailing list with an autoresponder. This tutorial covers what an autoresponder does and ways you can use it to build your mailing list and, with it, sales. So that you do not lose this page, the tutorial will open in a new web browser in your computer screen.




Set Up A Capture Page

video tutorialWithout a mailing list you have no business. And capture page is the tool that you use to build that mailing list. This Video takes you through the setup of a capture page.



Set Up A Blog

video tutorialA blog is the backbone of your promotion program. If you have chosen your web host well, you can create a blog with a few clicks of the mouse. And you can do it free. This video takes you through the process.