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Internet Business Plan

At this page you may download and Internet business plan free, and get information how to start your own Internet business.

This business plan guide is written for the person who wishes to run an internet based business from home.

This business plan differs from most business plans that you find because it focuses on running a business on the Internet as compared to running an offline shop.

Planning Internet-based business is much different than planning a brick-and-mortar style business.

In many ways the planning requirements for an Internet-based business are fewer and less complicated than those for an off-line shop or store. But it still requires rigorous thought, discipline and research.

This business planning guide is actually a step-by-step guide to setting up a business on the Internet.

If you follow this business plan guide, when you have finished it you will have a completed plan for an Internet business.

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How To Use This Business Planning Guide

Each section is separated so that when you print the entire guide and put it in a looseleaf notebook it will be self organized.

The process of writing your business plan is actually a learning process.

As you work on a section you will find yourself referring to other sections to make changes necessitated by new knowledge.

So even though you try to complete sections one at a time, new knowledge begets change and change in one section is likely to force change in others.

There is no need to type it as you do your research. Start by writing things down free hand in keeping notes.

Whenever you need more room, simply insert a clean paper in the proper section.

Once you've completed your plan, then go back through each section and look at your notes and scribblings, organize them and type them on a clean sheet.

Put that clean sheet in front of all the notes. Someday those notes might be important. Keep them for future reference even if they are mere scribblings and scratchings.

Reasons You Should Have A Plan

Most people ignore making business plans. They just don't think that they need them.

If they make a business plan, it is because of some financing requirement or some requirement placed upon them by an investor.

But you will find that savvy Internet marketers in fact have very detailed business plans and work routines.

They have their own formulas. They have their own marketing programs.

They lay out plans and work those plans day in and day out.

That is why they succeed.

And that is why most people who start businesses on the web fail.

And that is because most people who start businesses on the web do not plan.


If you have an offline shop or business, your offline competition is generally local.

If you have an online shop or business, you are competing with people from all over the world. Some of that competition is backed by a lot of money and has market savvy staffing.

You have to plan how to carve out your niche and plan how you are going to compete against these people.

If you don't, you will fail.

Well over 90% of the people who start internet businesses fail by the end of one year.

They fail because they do not know what they are doing.

They don't plan.

Because they don't plan they don't learn the business.

They don't learn that it is not the product that you sell that makes a big difference. It is the competition that is important.

They lose money. They lose time.

And for those that don't lose money, they are lucky to make just more than breakeven. They lose time that they could have spent getting a life.

Income Taxes

Consider this business plan as an ESSENTIAL TAX DOCUMENT. It will help you complete your tax return .

There may come a day that someone calls a one you can justify your business expenses. If you have a completed business plan that you follow, it is much easier to show that you are actually running a business and that your expenses are justified.

So make it detailed and keep it up to date.

Keep it as a record to justify your expenses. And keep any changed plans so you can show a history.

If you use a corporate form to do business, keep it as part of your corporate records.

If you use a non corporate form, keep it as part of your business records.

If for no other reason than income taxes, complete the business plan as much as you can.

If you click on this link, the Internet business plan will open in your web browser using the Adobe reader. To save the Internet business plan to your computer, simply use the file save feature in the Adobe reader. Internet Business Plan