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How To Use Movie Maker

Complete training on how to use movie maker. This is a utility page that lists videos related to making videos using Windows Movie Maker. They are collected from YouTube and are listed here as an aid for you to quickly get information when you are either starting or run into some problem to which you need a quick solution.

As a side note, when you look at these videos, remember that you are looking at what someone else has done as part of their use of YouTube for video marketing. Remember that we have information about video marketing at How To Do Video Marketing.




List Of Windows Movie Maker Video Tutorials

How To Make Narrated Slides

Slide Show 1

Slide Show 2


Collection Of Tutorials

Using Power Point Slides Part 1

Use for images as slides. Excellent.

Using Power Point Slides Part 2

Working In The time Line part one

Working In The Time Line Part Two

Extra Effects In Windows Movie Maker

Convert Windows Media To Flash

Free Flash Converter

Ultra wmv to flash converter

wmv to flash converter

video to flash

Easy Web video

Movie Maker To You Tube

Easily Create Videos

11 Tutorials On Power Point

Batch Import Images Into Power Point

Make Animation Movies With Power Point

Audio Sonic To Add Audio To Power Point

Furnesss How To Add Audio To Power Point

Frigging Web Video

How To Use Photostory

Photostory quality settings

Series On Making Slide Show

Both Narration And Audio in Movie Maker

How To Narrate In Movie Maker

Movie Maker Tips 2

Reducin File Size

How To Add Video To A Website

How To Create Slideshow Videos

Create Flash Designer

Embed Swf in Web Page

How To Add Flash To Your Website

On adding flash to a website

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Media Maker and Paint

Movie Maker Video Editing

Video Maker Blog

Edit You Tube Videos on Movie Maker