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How To Use A Fulfillment House

The ways a fulfillment house will make money for you.

A fulfillment warehouse is a storage facility that ships on your order to the address that you designate.

Some will hold your inventory and ship it while others will hold third party owned inventory that they will ship to your order, after payment.

You can use both of them to your advantage. The type that you choose will depend on your post ion in the distribution chain.

For those who are just starting sales of a given product line, selling someone else's inventory is a likely choice. The profit margins may be lower than if you were selling your own inventory, but the risk is also lower since you will not be stuck holding stale inventory if you do not meet your projected sales goals..

Selling someone else's inventory often involves some sort of membership or setup fee. That is understandable in that there are warehouse costs that have to be covered whether there are sales or not.

But if you use them right you can make some significant money. For example, one drop ship supplier, EzDropShipper can be used quite effectively with Amazon. See How To Make Money Fast.

And then the Amazon FBA program can be used to sell products both on Amazon as well to third parties. You actually become a drop ship supplier and you provide Amazon level services. Here is a link to Amazon FBA.

You can find many companies that will drop ship products for you and act as fulfillment warehouses or provided fulfillment services in the drop ship directories. They are well worth the investment.

So where do you start? Learn all about the Amazon FBA program and how you can use it to sell even things you have in your attic.

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