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How To Unzip

The process of unzipping a file is very simple. This video takes you through the process using one of the many available unzip programs.

A final that is it is just a file that has been compressed so that it is easier to transfer over the Internet. A large package of data is specially coated so that the package becomes a very small package; relatively speaking that is.

Typically when you download a file from the Internet it will be zipped and and you will save it to your computer in a zipped format.

Once you have the zipped file on your computer, you use your unzip program to restore it to its original format. Once unzipped you can work with it normally.

This video is very simple and it is targeted towards people who are new to the Internet and who have no technical background. Once you have watched this video you will be able to process a zipped files and will have learned how to prepare them to be uploaded to a server. There is another video on the uploading process that is linked below and you should watch that video after watching this one.