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How Not To Overpay For eCommerce Hosting

One of the top ten mistakes made by drop shippers is to overpay for eCommerce hosting. Don't waste money by paying too much from day one.

Hosting is like rent. The higher the rent, the more you have to sell each month to pay that rent and before you even make a profit.

Drop shippers end up paying high costs because they often get into sales funnels and get nickled and dimed to death with extras and upgrades. The process is simple. You buy something cheap, then you are offered something else at a special discount, and then you are offered an upgrade, and then you are shown another enhancer. And it goes on.

Hosting costs for a full blown eCommerce store, with shopping carts, affiliate program, coupon sales and complete back office management is available for LESS than $50 per month from one of the best - Yahoo.

Before you buy anything else, compare it to Yahoo. Here is a video review of the Yahoo Store Features

Hosting costs for an eStore are available for less than $10 per month. Here is a list of hosts that you can use. Web Host Reviews

As a reminder, if you do not remember the differences between an eCommerce Store and an eStore, go to What Is Best For You - eCommerce Store Or eStore?

And note, that in each of the cases above, you do NOT have to pay setup fees for your web sites. You do not have to pay consultants. You get automatic systems included that you can use. They require no technical knowledge. (And if you are unsure, we have videos in other pages of this site that take you through the setup process. )

After reading that you might find that you might shift from an eCommerce Store to an eStore for your sales platform. That will really drop the costs and you may actually make more money in the long run.

The point of all this is that if you are paying over $10 per month for web hosting for a regular web site, or $50 a month for an ecommerce store, you are overpaying. Change and cut your costs. What you save is actually a profit to you.

And if you are just starting up, you do not have to pay consultants or setup fees.