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How To Make Money Giving Advice

You can make money by giving advice on anything that you know. This page discusees how you can do it.

People come to the internet for advice and information. And they want good information. Most are looking for something free, but there are many who value good information and they are willing to pay for it.

And the opportunity for you is to get paid for giving good information and advice.

And what information to they most often want?

Here are the most popular categories:

checkMysticism & Spirituality

checkCounseling & Coaching

checkYour Computer

checkEducation & Tutoring

checkHealth, Diet & Fitness

checkBusiness & Finance

checkLearn a Foreign Language


checkSocial Entertainment


Can you talk about anything in any of these areas?

If so, you can make money from the comfort of your own home with little more than a connection to the internet.

Of course you will make more money if you have a webcam, but it is not necessary. You can do it by just text messaging.

You get paid for the time people spend with you.

Plus you can create tutorials, take a photo, and provide services even when you're not online, and you'll still get paid!

You do not need any special qualifications. All that you need is a desire to earn money and willingness to give advice on anything you know about.

Getting into this business is free.

You work with one of several companies that share revenue with you. They provide everything that you need, including the billing system, and you provide the advice for customers. They even bring you customers.

It is a no risk way to make money. The only thing that you have to invest is time.

To get you started, here is a link to one company that provides services such as those described in this page. You can also find others, but this is a good place to see if this business is for you. For information go to We Are Live