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How To Make A Polish Pottery Website

This page discusses how to make a free website to sell pottery online.

When you decide to make a website to sell pottery online, look beyond the initial design phase of the website. Look at what the web site will do for you in the future paying particular regards to promotion, what must be done to update it and do basic maintenance on it..

With these factors in mind, savvy Internet marketers recognize the importance of the WordPress blogs. They are a web marketers dream.

And you sell online, that's what you are. You are a web marketer. You are marketing Polish pottery.

A WordPress blog-based site can be set up free and is easy to maintain. Because it is very attractive to the search engines, you are likely to get good search engine position for your website.

If you sell online, and even if you sell on eBay, you will find that a WordPress blog is actually an essential part of your marketing program for your eBay store or listings.

There are other content management systems. Most of the budget hosts provide programs that will allow you to make your own free website. And they provide tutorial information.

For example, if you use a host such as the lunar pages host , you get a complete system within the system that allows you to set up a free website.

But even if you set up such a website, once again to promote that website it is best to have a blog.

In short, web marketers use blogs for marketing. You are a web marketer.

So in setting up your first website, set up the marketing aspect of your business while you set up your website. You will find that you may not even go beyond setting up a series of blogs all related to different Polish pottery forms or patterns.

And when you set up your website, set it up with the future in mind. Set it up that you can eventually apply to become an eBay affiliate, thereby, enabling you to sell everyone else's Polish pottery. Ebay Affiliate

Setting up a free WordPress blog website is very simple. It can be done with a couple clicks of the mouse.

Here is a series on how to do that. How To Set Up A Blog

If that is too complex for you, you can have the basic site set up for you for five dollars using the service that you find here. Mini Business Web Site

Now this is all well and good, but before you take any steps at all toward setting up website or making decisions as to what websites you want, complete your your website plan.

A website plan is part of your business plan. Even if you have a business plan, every time you set up another website you should set up a website plan.

Here is a link to a free copy of a website plan .

If you do not have a business plan, here is a link to a business planning guide.