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How To Get Paid

Selling a product is one thing. Getting paid is another. Here are some tips.

You always have to watch out for fraud. Seller fraud is less of a problem than buyer fraud. You can't let your guard down.

When it comes to checks and money orders, Craigslist carries some very important advice. Do not take cashiers checks and money orders.

But checks and money orders do have their places in business. If presented with one by someone you do not know, get full identification and a picture of the bearer and wait until the money clears and is in your bank account before you release the goods. And if someone presents one of these to you, talk with your bank before you accept it.

When working online use a payment gateway. Such gateways help protect you against fraud and eliminate the need for you to handle credit card information. They are essentially automatic.

For the most part, PayPal is the choice of many internet marketers because they report that people tend to be quick to buy using it. Some are even of the opinion that people use money in PayPal like play money. So their conversion rates are higher.

There are other option to consider. Google Checkout, Amazon Payments and 2CheckOut, to name a few.

If you are located in the United States, there is a small company, that is somewhat like PayPal with the distinction that they allow you to take payments for many products that PayPal will not. Gpal just wants it to be legal. PayPal will cancel your account if they do not like what you did.

Gpal has another feature that is very helpful. It is called virtual terminal. It allows you to take credit cards over the phone or over the counter. You can use it anywhere you have computer access to the internet. This is something that you should definitely have for those people who do not want to put credit card information on the internet. And it allows you to take credit cards without having to pay for a merchant account.

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