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How To FTP

FTP is useful, if not absolutely necessary, or anyone who maintains a website, does business on the Internet, or who has large files such as catalogs and price lists to transfer.

There are many FTP programs that you can use. Generally it is a very simple process and regardless of the program that you choose is simple to learn and simple to do.

Below this video I've linked to one free FTP program that you can use and I've linked to the program that I use which is a professional program that has many more features than the free programs.

In the video itself I show you how I use FTP to transfer a Web document.

This video will get you started and after watching the video if you do not have an FTP program go ahead and download the free version and get started.

The professional version also has a trial copy. You might want to download a 30 day free trial and compare the two to see which suits you better.

In any case this video will show you the basics of FTP and that is just a matter of applying the knowledge you gain here to the program that you choose.

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Resources Mentioned In This Video

FTP Programs

File Zilla


Here is a free FTP program that you can use to start. It is quite popular and will suit most of your needs. When you grow a bit you are likely to want to upgrade to a professional program that has more features.

Ipswitch Pro

I need a professional program. It saves me time because of extra features I use to maintain many web sites on many domains. This link goes to the one that I use.


Hosting Services Shown In Video


BlueHost Main Page

This is the hosting company that I mentioned in the video.


Yahoo Merchant Solutions

Yahoo Merchant Solutions Main Page

This link takes you directly to the service.

Yahoo Merchant Solutions Video Review

This is a review of what is available in the Yahoo Merchant Solutions.