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How To Find Customers

Finding customers is about four things: about location, location, location and advertising.

You have to put your product in front of people who might buy the type product that you offer.

As far as the first three go, online and offline that means putting your store where there is traffic. Offline that means in tourist areas, shopping malls, routes to and from work. Online that means in places that include, but are not limited to, eBay, Search Engines, Yahoo Shopping Network and Amazon.

And once you choose the location, you have to tailor your store to the location.

For example on the web, if you are going to sell on the Yahoo Shopping Network, you will need a Yahoo Store (available through the Yahoo Merchant Services). And if you are going to do search engine marketing, then a tightly focused micro-site may be best. (Read about them at Micro-Business Strategy.)

Once you have your store located, then you have to advertise, one way or another.

Advertising on Bing and Google is effective, if you know how. It is a science and you might do well to hire someone to run your campaigns, if you decide to go the paid advertising route.

Marketers, however, use many free advertising techniques. Each of them is designed to improve one's position in the search engines. Some drive traffic directly, but for the most part they result in links that the search engines use to judge popularity.

Article Marketing

This is perhaps the most important thing on which you can spend your time. You can submit articles to the article directories, write for magazines, newspapers, blogs and submit your articles to many hundreds of thousands of sites that are interested in getting fresh new content.

Link Builder

Exchanging links and getting one way back links can be time consuming. Tthough the neophyte will probably want to do it this way, the neophyte should look at a system like the one in the link at the head of this paragraph. Such a system once again is self-pay and profitable.

Link Directories

Submission to link directories is basic search engine optimization. It can be done by hand. And whether done by hand or automatically, it should be done. The link at the head of this paragraph takes you to an automatic directory submission tool. Consider it very strongly.

Video Marketing

This is disarmingly simple. You make a video and put it into the free video sites such as YouTube. You can get yourself to the top of the search engines and very quickly using this technique. And you can get a lot of traffic.At the head of this article is a link to a system that is used by a savvy Internet marketers. You can start getting traffic within a couple hours by using the system. People who use this system stay with it for a long time simply because they get results.


Or you can use some tools such as those that you find at Build Traffic

It is all well and good to know what to do, and worthless if you don't follow a detailed, well laid out and written marketing and advertising plan.

So in actual fact, to find customers, you have to sit down and write an advertising plan. Use the materials above to start your plan.