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How To Drop Ship Polish Pottery

Find drop ship suppliers for Polish pottery and learn how to drop ship Polish pottery here.

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Drop shipping is an order fulfillment process. It involves the use of a fulfillment service, which fulfillment service is nothing more than a warehouse that will pick single items from storage, pack them, and ship them according to instructions.

To use drop shipping there must be pottery stored in a fulfillment warehouse. You have to contract with that f ulfillment house.

The prices that you pay for products to be drop shipped are well above the prices that you pay for that same product at the factory. In some cases, within the drop shipping industry, some products are even priced at retail and above so you must sell them well above retail. Many people accept these prices because they are the best prices for them. Note that you should read are information on what is the best price.

Factories do not drop ship, simply because they do not hold inventory and produce only to order. There is another very practical aspect to this. The international shipping costs on one piece are often well beyond the cost of the piece.

So if you are looking for a drop ship supplier, you must look for a distributor who would be willing to pick, pack and ship for you.

If you are interested in having somebody drop ship out of their inventory to your order, you are actually interested in being there are sales agent. They own inventory, they control a warehouse, they control their pricing, and you sell. Of course you sell under your name, but to them, you are a sales agent for their products and their company.

With that in mind, it will make it easier for you to find someone who would be willing to ship for you.

That someone could be a local shop that has an inventory of Polish pottery. It could be a larger distributor.

Your approach is simply to tell them that you will sell their products through your site and that their function is to drop ship for you.

But before you get into this, you should be fully aware of the traps that can be involved in drop shipping. It is not all roses. Read the Drop Ship Guide.

As an alternative, one of the easiest ways to have Polish pottery drop shipped for you is to use the eBay Affiliate program.

Using that program allows you to sell everything on eBay. And that includes Polish pottery.

To get started all you have to do is set up a free WordPress blog website and promote Polish pottery within that website.

Once it is set up, you can apply to eBay for is affiliate status and then you can sell everything on eBay without having to pay listing fees or take any risks related to having your own products listed on eBay. You can take advantage of all the promotions and loss leaders. You don't have to worry about the competition because you're selling for the competition and you're getting half of eBay's fees.

This is covered fully at this link. eBay Affiliate

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